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 How the ladder system works.

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PostSubject: How the ladder system works.   Sun Jan 15, 2012 1:26 pm

How to make your friends list working?

1. Run the the updater and make sure your database is 8th version or above.

You may update manually by downloading the bv2.db file and put it in your babo directory.

2. Register at the accounts system
3. Add friends. (you may add me as a test account)
4. Wait for them to accept your friends request.
5. Log in in the game using the form on the main menu.

Stats collector:
Statistics about the amount of kills, deaths, captures, returns, attempts to take the flag and time spent on field being saved from the servers pushes you into the overall players rating. The rating is region-independent and world wide.

The rating is based on your kills / deaths ratio as soon as you reach 50 deaths.
Your rating will appear on the userbar you may download in the preferences section at the ladder system.

To enable stats collecting on your server perform the next few steps:
1. log in as admin: admin login password
2. add the report url: - addreporturl
3. Set the server to report the games: - set sv_report true

[*] Unfortunately, due to a bug, prior to 2.11f reports are being counted only in CTF games.
[*] You can drop your stats one time every two weeks.

The formula:
your Rating = kills / deaths + time * frogs eyes - snake's tongue.
The higher the better. Keep on a good ratio, play a lot. Here is your recipe.

The stats page and cache reloads every few hours
the usrebars - once a day:

You may get your userbar at the preferences page
The images are updated once a day with the stats.

Ratings are as follows:
A - Regional top 25
B - Regional top 100
C - Everyone else
D - Not rated (less then 50 deaths in overall)

As for the moment, any further development has been stopped
Anyone possessing the appropriate skills and knowledge, willing to participate and help is wisely welcome. (Address the bv2 dev. team via the NA forum)

I hope you find this instructions and the system itself useful and helpful.
Any suggestions, ideas, offers are welcome.

(All credits go to Sasha for this post.)
Sincerely yours, Alexander Raskin aka Sasha.
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How the ladder system works.
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