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 Server commands

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PostSubject: Server commands   Tue Feb 07, 2012 1:10 pm

Commands for 2.11E and 2.11F servers

- playerID - id from playerlist command
- userID - id of player (from account server, if it's down command won't work)
- if something is between '[' and ']' it means that it's optional
execute filename - Execute script from a given file. Script has to be in "main/LaunchScript".
admin login password - Login as admin to remote server.
info - Info about server.
set variable value - Set value of variable. If you login as an admin to remote server put '-' and space at the beggining ex. "- set sv_blah valueOfBlah"
quit - Order pizza.
host mapName - Host a server with map
dedicate mapName - Starting map on server
voteon command - Enable voting on command. Admin only
novote - Disable voting. Admin only
vote command - Cast a vote.
addmap mapName - Add map to rotation. Admin only
removemap mapName - Remove map from rotation. Admin only
changemap mapName - Admin only
maplist - List all maps in rotation.
maplistall - List all maps on server.
playerlist - List all players on server
move teamID nick - Move player to specific team, teamID can be -1 for spectator, 0 for blue, 1 for red. Admin only
moveid teamID playerID - Move player to specific team, teamID can be -1 for spectator, 0 for blue, 1 for red. Admin only
allwatch - Move all players to spec. Admin only
savemap [fileName] - Save current map.
savemapforce [fileName] - Save current map, overwrite if file exist.
connect ip port [password] - Connect to server.
disconnect - Order small pizza.
sayall message - sayteam message
sayid playerID message - Dedicated server only
edit mapName width height
restart - Restart
kick nick - Kick player by nickname Admin only
kickid playerID - Kick player by ID from playerlist Admin only
banlist - List banned players Admin only
ban nick - Ban a player by nickname Admin only
banip ip - Ban player by IP Admin only
banid playerID - Ban player by ID, ID from playerlistAdmin only
unban banID - Ban id is from banlist command. Admin only
approveall [teamID] - Allow everyone to join team (or both teams). Admin only
approveplayer userID teamID - Allow player to join team (or both teams). Admin only
rejectplayer userID [teamID] - Admin only
rejectallplayers - Admin only
Admin only
(All "Admin only" commands are used with a dash "-" in front of the command)

New commands in 2.11F server
sv_onlyproclient (true/false) : If set true, only lets proclients enter the server
sv_enableGunSide (true/false) : If set true, proclient users will be able to have their gun mounted on the left or right side of the babo
sv_onlyprosplay (true/false) : If set true, only proclients can talk and play in the server. Players who use normal client can only watch
sv_onlyfriendsplay (true/false): If set true, only people on the servers friendslist can talk and play in the server. Players who are not on the list, or do not have a friend's login can only watch. If you don't have a friend's account, see Link
sv_proMessage (Text, enclosed by quotation marks: "Hello!") : Message sent to normal client users when sv_onlyprosplay is set true
sv_friendsMessage (Text, enclosed by quotation marks: "Hello!") : Message sent to people not on servers friendlist when sv_onlyfriendsplay is set true
Rework FT Variables:
sv_ftBaseDamage (value) : Damage at the tip near the FT user
sv_ftTipDamage (value) : Damage at the end of the Flame
sv_zookaRemDamage (value) : Damage associated to the zooka when the zooka shot is remotely detonated
sv_nukeDamage (value) : Damage associated with the nuke

New Admin Commands, their purpose, and how to use, remember the dash before these commands

- playerlist : The dash must be included before playerlist so that the server can respond and send a playerlist with the friend's id's of the players in the output.
mutelist : Displays the list of players muted on the server
muteid (playerlist id#) : Mutes the player
unmute (id in the mutelist) : Unmutes the player
friendslist : Displays the list of friend's id's that have been approved on the server
addfriend (playerlist id#) : If the player has a valid friend's id, it will be added to the list
addfriendid (friend's id, from website) : If the friend's system account id is known, it can be entered if wanted
removefriend (id in the friendslist) : Removes the player from the approve friends list
refreshbanlist, refreshfriendslist, refreshmutelist : Any one of these will fetch the latest data that is stored in their respective files and use that for banlist, friendslist, or mutelist... depending on what command was issued. Remember, the files are reliable in situations with mutliple servers.

The above refreshes occur automatically by the server, but they can also be issued by admins if they want to update the lists faster.

Figured I'd list the commands that are usable on the servers. Any questions ask your admins geek

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PostSubject: Re: Server commands   Tue Feb 07, 2012 1:20 pm

Thanks for the list.. Looks really complete. These can go along with some launchscripts Very Happy


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Server commands
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